Fun with the Big Boy’s Toys

What do the guys do that like tractors old and new do besides work with them or on them? A good number of them take their pride and joy to tractor pulls. Others simply go to the tractor pulls to watch and to talk to other enthusiasts about tractors and trucks.Where are tractor and truck pulls held? Most are held at your local fair grounds. Check with your fair board for dates and times. Usually they are held during the county fair but also may be scheduled for other times of the year. You can also visit the National Tractor Pullers Association for schedules of events they sanction.( little about National Tractor Pullers Association The National Tractor Pullers Association(NTPA) was formed in 1969 to give the sport of tractor pulling a structure and a uniform set of rules for competitors. Today they are the premier organization that sanctions truck and tractor pulls. The NTPA sets the standard for safety and competition rules that are used by both foreign and domestic pulling organizations.What kind of tractors and trucks will be competing at a tractor and truck pull? The answer is ALL KINDS!! You may see vintage tractors pulling in their class as well as the modern day monster 4-wheel drives that came in from the field on pulling day, to almost any chassis with a single engine mounted either stock or modified as well as the multi-engine machines that seem more kin to a jet plane than a farm tractor. There are even classes for garden tractors!So go on out to the fair grounds and watch the “toys” go screaming down the track with dirt flying as you listen for the MC to announce “FULL PULL”.

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